Solidarity: For the common objective, MobiData men sketch the magnificent blueprint of their tomorrow's enterprise on the base of mutual depending, mutual relating and mutual cooperating.                                          

Celerity: Prompt response is the key for self developing. Action represents everything and words should be explained by it. Celerity is kept firmly in mind for every single MobiData man.                                                   

Speed: MobiData men determine the belief of keeping pace with the market development in the highest working speed, and satisfying customer’s needs as most as possible.                                                                   

Innovation: Creative idea and breakthrough in technology have become the MobiData's competitive advantage in the market.                               

Decent: As an old saying "Decent leads all other characters", MobiData men take it as constant rules.

"To Share, To Win, To Build" is the key value of MobiData, which can be defined as To share the happy life bought by creative technology with the customers, To build the harmonious society with shareholder, staff and the masses. To win the benefit for shareholders, to create comfortable working environment, humane welfare system and complete promotion area for staff, which makes our industry move forward together with the related industrial chain, and contribute to the society.

At present we sincerely look forward to your cooperation. Please give us your advice to let us create a prosperous future!